Ice Fishing Festival in South Korea

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An estimated 100-thousand flocked to a South Korean ice-fishing festival on Saturday to fish for trout in a frozen lake.

Participants of the festival take catching trout very seriously.

[Jung Man-sik, Participant]:
“So many people have come here from everywhere. It seems like this festival is pretty famous. I think I caught plenty of fish. Way to go!"

Some of them dive into the icy water and catch fish with their bare hands.

The “fish-grabbers,” as they are called, seem to enjoy the winter event, despite the freezing temperatures and even lower chances of snagging a fish. But some of them clearly had some practice.

[Lee Min-sung, Participant]:
“Frankly, I was a bit scared because it's too cold here. But this is a kind of blessing we can enjoy, which only happens in cold weather. I loved the feeling of catching the fish with my bare hands. That slippery feeling!”

After the day's fishing, participants head to cook up a meal of fresh trout.

The festival organizer says the festival aims to become a more global event.

[Jeong Gab-cheol, Governor of Hwacheon]:
"This festival is one of the three major northeast Asian festivals, and now it's becoming global."

Over a million visitors come every year to try and catch the trout, which can only live in waters with a temperature below minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit.

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