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    Herb planters Houston Masonry Creates Unique Garden And Outd


    by patrickmktg

    Hardscape constitutes 60%-80% of the existing landscape of any Houston yard. Masonry is an important part of any hardscape because it adds a vertical, multidimensional element to an otherwise horizontal plane.

    This is one of the most important elements of landscape architecture you can invest in if you are a Houston homeowner looking to create a superior outdoor living environment that also lends curb appeal and ultimate resale value to your property.

    The otherwise flat terrain of the Houston landscape becomes transformed into ascending and descending realities of ornamental stonework, custom patios, special stepping stone access points, and a myriad of specialty structures that provide unique living environments for plants above the surface of the ground.

    Many of the materials used in Houston masonry have been around for centuries. Stone and brick were the first masonry materials used in the most ancient of times. Today, the list of materials h