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    CARDBOARD MAN - Iron Man Parody

    Jerome Cloutier

    par Jerome Cloutier

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    In this parody of most of the first Iron Man film, Tony Starch... erm... Stark, is a weapons manufacturer who is held hostage and must work for terrorist. Using the old American reasoning of "Fuck that noise, brah...", he instead makes a prototype suit and escapes to America. There, he must face his greatest nemesis, his closest business partner, Obadiah Stane.

    directed by Mike Amyot and Mike Walsh

    Jérôme Cloutier as Tony Stark
    Jason Dezan as Obediah Stane
    Lisandre Bujold as Pepper Potts
    Mike Walsh as James "Rhodey" Rhodes, Terrorist 1 and Pilot 2
    Mike Amyot as Terrorist 2, Pilot 1 and Some Guy