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    Haiti Tribute Song by Vickey Vendetta (I Can Feel It)


    by LoyaltyEnterprise

    VickeyVendetta // VendettaNow.Com Vickey Vendetta is one of the first to dedicate a track to the crisis in Haiti. However Vickey Vendetta's angle is one no one has yet approached. The idea of a non-haitian creating a dedication song to open the world's eyes and minds up to the idea that world events such as these SHOULD NOT just be an issue of those it affects but of all humanity. Too often we see situations such as these where Haitians are heavily involved in helping their haitian brothers, which is fine, but its time that ALL OF HUMANITY steps forward along side those affected and assist where assistance is needed. This is not about Haitians helping Haitians, Latinos helping Latinos, Whites Helping Whites, Chinese Helping Chinese, Etc. This is about PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE! Let more about the Vickey Vendetta's Political and World Awareness Side of his music campaign at VendettaNow.Com Along with Entertaining it is also important to educate! THE VENDETTA! The Vendetta Is a Stand for Awareness, Action, and Empowerment of People! VendettaNow.Com