Super Mario Bros 3 en 11 minutes!


par emmanuel

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Holy crap, this guy has possibly got to be the world's greatest Super Mario Brothers 3 player, EVER! I"ve played this game a million times, and watched others play and I've never seen this much skill distributed before, that part where you first enter the first stage of the eighth level where he was getting all the one-ups was OFF THE CHAIN!!! Oh, and this person must be a Japanese player I presume, since the dialogue is in Japanese characters! This kicks ass!
Par Gxyz222 Il y a 3 ans
mon record etait 21min
et pourten ... c deja une perf
mais la juste BARVO!
Par angy33 Il y a 7 ans
c long m sa vo le coup daller jusko bout je vou jure
Par emmanuel Il y a 9 ans