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    Andy Robinson video lecture: Lacan, Deleuze, Reich, scarcity


    by Andy_OSDE

    Discussion of social structure, scarcity and abundance in relation to the theories of Jacques Lacan, Wilhelm Reich and Gilles Deleuze, with reference to indigenous epistemologies. Discusses concepts of symbolic, imaginary, Real, symptom, rhizome, identification with the oppressor, scarcity, abundance, call of the Other. - Summary: Lacan can explain neurotic character-types but not totality of existence. Neurosis is socially constructed through authoritarianism. Right-wing acting-out is linked to neurosis. Scarcity and abundance are different existential stances, but existential scarcity is reproduced by material scarcity. Need for constant openness to other voices which might not be heard.

    Uses clips from Call of Cthulhu, Earth Girl Arjuna, Surveillance Camera Players,, BBC: Meet the Supermassive Black Hole Experts, Constantine, Newsnight and Starship Troopers.