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    The Intelligence² Debate - Stephen Fry (Unedited)


    by Xrunner17

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    Jeff Korhorn
    As a Christian, I agree with most all of what Fry says. Which is why I have dumped the vines, bloody thorns, & weeds of the established Church. However, I whole-heartedly follow Jesus, who taught vastly different than the Church headed by man.That being said, those who follow the Jesus of the BIBLE, can be a huge force for good. Example, in response to Fry:1) we don't charge admission & don't even teach that you have to give to be spiritual, people can give if they want to, 2) we give tens of thousands to support missions of other like-minded people & to community organizations that help the poor, 3) many people are involved with the City Mission (homeless shelter) , Salvation Army, gardens for the poor, financial counseling, life counseling, etc...
    By Jeff Korhorn4 years ago
    @ concerned -The age of the church is inextricably tied to it's history and therefore is just as relevant especially in terms of historical perspective. Let's view the acts of any other nation or religion from hundreds of years ago and make judgments today from a modern viewpoint and see which one holds up to scrutiny. Not many, I'd say. So yes indeed this is about viewpoints. Also charity doesn't come with strings attached! People of all faiths receive food, aid and instruction and I count close relatives among those who have sacfriced their own health and safety to do so in both Africa and S.A. Hampering the prevention of AIDS is not an objective of the Church. They have promoted fidelity and abstinence as the most effective ways to combat AIDS and there is no medical authority who can deny that to be counterproductive or unreasonable. The Holy See speaks for the church, they are entirely within their diplomatic rights to do so with any nation where their faithful reside.
    By speedioch4 years ago
    I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would go up against Christopher Hitchens AND Stephen Fry, possibly the two most eloquent, intelligent, quick witted, knowledgeable and formidable debaters on the planet. They absolutely DESTROYED the Roman Catholic Church between them. The responses by the bishop and Anne Widdecombe are pathetic, they don't respond at all to any of the issues raised by Hitchens and Fry, they just waffle oblivious. And it shows in the vote at the end...
    By Captain_Chaos744 years ago
    Having watched this speech and the read some of the comments that were posted below, I am forced to ask why people are in general are so afraid of questioning religious authorities? I can certainly understand this fear in the areas of the world where poverty and war have deprived the inhabitants of the most basic needs for safe existence. As Stephen Fry points out, these are the exact areas where the "Revealed Religions" have chosen to target for new supplicants. It is an extrordinary situation though when I see people who live in countries of wealth and power who dare not ask "Why should I believe that your way is the only way to salvation"? We have just heard/read the Catholic Church say that Celibacy/Homosexuality is no longer viewed as the cause of the 'Child Rape' Scandals that rocked it to its foundations - apparently it was the fault of the 1960's. Seek the 'Light" within us all!
    By fawltyoldboy5 years ago
    Speedloch, the age of the church is irrelevant if it is what it claims to be.

    Regarding the poor, look at Africa and South America today. Look at Ireland less than 30 years ago. I guarantee you that the wealthy and powerful will get a better deal from the Catholic Church - as they would in most other institutions. Charity is laudable, but not when it comes with strings attached, and certainly not when it's about inserting themselves in to state business. See Ireland's primary school system for an example of the latter, and the cases of Catholic organisations refusing services to homosexuals or women in need of abortion. Look at their hampering of efforts to combat AIDs. This is all contemporary.

    Even if they do good, their history remains relevant until they address and deal with it. The church continues to hide its role in the protection of child rapists. This isn't about viewpoints. This is about treating the church the way we would any other organisation.
    By Concernedresident5 years ago
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