CLOSER *Natalie Portman* Clive Owen*


by Genia

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Tribute to the film Closer with Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts,Jude Law & Clive Owen


My very dear Genia
In her childhood Edwina certainly was a "poor little rich girl" to quote the Mary Pickford 1917 film title and Noel Coward song. Despite all her subsequent hedonism and extra-marital affairs, Edwina was also energetically altruistic in the St John Ambulance Brigade as well as in her capacity as Vicereine of pre-Partition India, and some of her escapades may be explained by the reported bisexuality of Lord Louis ('Dickie') Mountbatten. (Besides, what was that you were saying about it being nice to make up after a tiff?) I can vivdly remember the shock of his assassination by the IRA on 27 August 1979 at his summer home in Mullaghmore, County Sligo, on the northwest coast of Ireland, as a mark of IRA opposition to the continuing British occupation. The Wikipedia coverage tells you everything about the disparity of viewpoints on the incident and the whole enduring controversy surrounding the British presence that began with the Anglo-Normans way back in the 12th century. Are we all doomed to be prisoners of history? Here's hoping that planet-shrinking IT and websites like DM and YT can help to promote better understanding, though conflict zones like Syria and other parts of the Middle East, not to mention Ukraine, are hardly encouraging. Wow! This is getting too heavy! I'd better end... Bye for now, Worraworraworraworraworra & as ever ♥♥❤-♥♥❤-♥♥❤!
By TigerTimpani May
Tigress Test
By Genia May
By Genia May
My Darling Tigerrrrrrrrrr
Once again, thank you so much for all the information. I knew that Hutch was gay even though he was married and had lots of children. I didn't know about his affair with Edwina, I just checked her out on Wikipedia....She was wealthy but had a sad childhood and made up for it in her adult years. She supposedly died a mysterious natural death.
She was not very attractive...What is the story about Lord Mountbatten? I think he died in a explosion of some sort and Prince Charles was devastated. He was very close to him.....
Tigress wishes for a Wonderful Wednesday.
Tigress Smooches ggggggggrrrrrrrrr
By Genia May
By TigerTimpani May