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    Leonard Cohen - "Anthem" - Tower Theatre, Philadelphia


    by lls66

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    Wonderful performance by Leonard Cohen at the Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, PA - 10-22-09. of "Anthem." Leonard recited "The Flood" prior to this performance - one of his poems written in 1973 -the last poem in his book - "Book of Longing."
    "The flood it is gathering
    Soon it will move
    Across every valley
    Against every roof
    The body will break down
    And the soul will break loose
    I write all this down
    But I don't have the proof." [ Sinai, 1973 ]

    Then sings "Anthem" - "Ring the bells that still can ring ...

    Leonard introduces all of his musicians/singers: Javier Mas - acoustic 12-string guitar, banduria; Dino Soldo - keyboard, saxophone, harmonica and all wind instruments, vocals; Bob Metzger - electric steel guitar, vocals; Rafael Gayol - drums, percussion; Neil Larsen - Keyboard, Hammond B3 organ, accordion, brass; Sharon Robinson - vocals; The Webb Sisters (Charley & Hattie) - vocals; Roscoe Beck - Musical Director, bass & vocals. And then he skips off the stage.