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    Pelicans Rescued from the Cold


    by NTDTelevision

    A group of pelicans chose to stick around for the winter in the eastern U.S. But they were found starving and near death. Luckily, they were rescued on time and are now recovering at a shelter.

    Somehow this pod of pelicans missed their cue to migrate south for the winter. After stranding themselves on the Maryland shoreline, they were found freezing, starving, and near death.

    The 29 pelicans are now being treated for frostbite at a bird rescue facility nearby in Delaware. They'll spend the winter getting massages, warm water foot baths, and a choice selection of fish. But they're not too happy about it, says veterinarian Erica Miller.

    [Erica Miller, Veterinarian]:
    "Me, personally, I would love to have a foot soak and foot massage, but these guys don't seem to care for it. I guess their feet are a little uncomfortable from the frostbite."

    The brown pelican has generally been enjoying a comeback in the U.S. and was recently taken off the Endangered Species List.