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    Shark Attack Kills Tourist in Cape Town


    by NTDTelevision

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    A recent shark attack put lifeguards and vacationers on high alert on a beach near Cape Town. A tourist was killed from the attack and the search for the body continues.

    A Zimbabwean tourist died after a shark attack on Tuesday at Fish Hoek Beach, near Cape Town. Lifeguards and beachgoers are taking extra caution.

    [Johan De Witt, Chief Inspector, Marine and Coastal Management]: (Male, English)
    "According to the witnesses, it was a very big shark…it came all along the side of the catwalk…the last attack we had was two years ago and we've had thousands of people in the water since then."

    Residents and beachgoers said that they saw a giant shark attack what looked like a man.

    [Rahfiq Raven, Resident]: (English, gender unknown)
    "The chopper was here. The paramedics were here, basically everybody with the rescue was here but it was too late."

    Local authorities are conducting a search for the body.

    The City of Cape Town released a statement saying that beaches from Glencairn to Muizenberg would be closed until further notice as a result of the attack.

    Great white sharks, which can grow to six meters in length and weigh three metric tons, have been responsible for most of the attacks off Cape Town's beaches in the past.