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    International Community Relief Efforts Kicks in for Haiti


    by NTDTelevision

    Haiti is in dire need of emergency relief after being devastated by a huge earthquake just days ago. The international community is preparing relief efforts for the western hemispheres’ poorest nation.

    Help is on the way for Haiti from around the globe.

    In Israel the army makes last minute preparations to send a relief delegation of some 220 people to Haiti, after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the Island nation. Spokesperson for the Homefront Command in the Israeli army Gil Ishanar.

    [Gil Ishanar, Spokesperson, Homefront Command in the Israeli Army]:
    "The State of Israel is sending the Homefront Command and the medical corps to help Haiti with this devastating picture that we have seen in the last day. We are arranging to send a big group in order to assist Haiti and their people and we hope to do the best with them in the next few days."

    In Jordan officials from army affiliated Hashemite Charity Organization plan to deliver aid in Haiti to the Jordanian peace keeping forces currently serving in the stricken country.

    Prince Hamzeh is the President of the Hashemite Charity Organization

    [Prince Hamzeh, President, Hashemite Charity Org.]
    "This is a C130 aircraft with a field hospital, non-food aid and food aid to the people of Haiti. There is a second aircraft which will be prepared and sent to follow it as soon as the relevant permissions in the organizations responsible for granting over flight rights allow us two.

    Similar scenes play out in France where Doctors without Borders prepare aid for Haiti.

    And in Cornwall England shelterboxes -- which can offer a temporary are being sent to Haiti.

    With few signs of organized rescue operations on the ground underway, many are believe to be trapped in debris.

    The Red Cross in Haiti estimates that between 45,000 and 50,000 people died in the quake.