Now The People Have Awoken: Exploring Venezuela's Revolution


by Renderyard

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Venezuela before Chavez was a country mired in poverty as their bottles africa that mothers made their kids spaghetti water were items of basic could not buy people died in hospitals could not buy medicines houses the government facilitated a few possessed a room and a room and a bathroom 60% of the population lived in huts made of tin and cardboard foreign debt was unpayable having the largest oil reserves in the world were run by transnational percentage very minimal social spending was for street demonstrations were repressed and massacred leftist leaders were missing and murdered until the Caracazo occurred where people steal food then many people disappeared by government orders months in town called Cantaura sepues in Anzoategui state had a very foul called by locals "the plague" discovered fozas with thousands of corpses which caused the people to the military requested a change that turned into the revolutionary movement 200 after the coup were arrested chavez and the commander
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dude i really want to start making videos because of this ..i feel lonely though.. :))
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a? extreme terrific
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§=) extra stunning
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traduscan este video al español por favor
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