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.: AMV :.

Artist : Imogen Heap
Song : Hide & Seek
Footage : Final Fantasy VII AC/CC, VIII, X, X-2, Kingdom Hearts I
Dedication : my uncle.


.: Why ? :.

I'd like to dedicate this video to you, evenif the story has nothing similar with you or your own life.
Thursday, January the 14th, i.e. yesterday, was the "birthday" of your death.
Two years...
Forgive my tears, please...
I hope we will meet again, when the Time will close his eyes on my tired life.
Will I continue to exist for them, as you continue to do for us, for me ?No answer, I guess

9 commentaires

J'adore, c'est trop bien.
Par NOLWENNBART il y a 4 ans
ouah tu gère !
mais, c'est quoi la musique au début, stp ? j'aime bien ! =)
Par saya_84 il y a 4 ans
Merci du fond du coeur !
Par maichka il y a 5 ans
Ca déchire =D
J'aime beaucoup !
Bravo !!
Par Laura Lolo199413 il y a 5 ans
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