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    Teamsters wake up to betrayal on healthcare;Left/Right Bull


    by tenebroust

    The Stench of Truth (276).mp4 !! PROFANITY WARNING!! The Teamsters are upset with Obama and his plan to tax "Cadillac" health plans up to 40%. This will hurt union workers who have negotiated good health coverage. They are waking up a little to the betrayal. Let's move on healthcare. Pick a make or break issue and hammer away at it. I make mine Medicare; no "reform" on the backs of seniors-period! Pick something they have to have to pass this and hammer away your opposition to it. So now what? Got a jerk democrat (or republican) you want rid of? Great, get him out but don't perpetuate the false left right bull and vote in a republican (or democrat). Don't just vote for any third party candidate either. My tool is how deep is he into corporate money? The less the better. Hopefully I'll find some candidates that take none or very little.