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Teaser Riders Match Winter 2010

il y a 8 ans2.9K views

Hey Riders,

After an amazing Summer Session full of suspens and awesome movies, it’s time for everybody to prepare The Winter Session !

The new categories in Pro and Am will be launch on January 18th 2010 on www.riders-match.com :

SNOW : only 1 rider / 4mn max (Snowboard)
SKI : only 1 rider / 4mn max (ski)
CRAZY SNOW : only 1 rider / 4mn max (Snowscoot, Snowkite, Speedflying ... and whatever you can ride on snow !)
CREW : Team of riders / 6mn max (if your are un small group of friends, a shop, an association or a brand, this category is for you !)
CRASH :  1 rider or 1 crew  / 30 sec max (just upload your most spectacular wipe out, crashes, slams, in all the sports of the winter session ...)

Like always, for the best clips, prize money and sponsoring contracts to grab .

Catch your video camera and go riding NOW to be ready to join the contest soon !

Good luck :-)

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Teaser Riders Match Winter 2010
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