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    2010-01-01 yourdailyjingle presents: Oprah is My Girlfriend

    Brian King

    by Brian King

    So this is a bit of a departure from my usual daily jingles, but I thought I'd mix things up today. This song is a parody of a song by Cansei De Der Sexy ( I was thinking about the message of this song, about the power of music and how music means so many different things to different people. And then I was thinking about if there were anything else in the world with that sort of integration into the fabric of our society, something that so many hold so dearly - OPRAH! This song is written from the perspectives of all the Oprah lovers out there. I hope you like! Lyrics From all the shows the one I like more is Oprah From all the truths the one I trust more is Oprah From all the minds the one I know more is Oprah From all the muses the one I breath is Oprah Oprah is my girlfriend Oprah is my oxygen Oprah is my garden Oprah's my imaginary friend Oprah is my other Oprah is my great grandmother Oprah is my blanket Oprah is my favorite mystery From all the brands the one I gotta buy is Oprah From all the the thoughts the one I wanna have is Oprah From all the hearts the one I hear more is Oprah From all people I wanna be is Oprah Oprah is my morning Oprah is my evening Oprah is my caffeine Oprah is my favorite cup of tea Oprah is my science Oprah is my only alliance Oprah is my nightstand My Oprah is more than I comprehend