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    In Memory of Dan Fogelberg, dedication from a fan


    by michellemoshay

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    Kevin R. Carr (writing as Casey Mack) Photos courtesy of an online world. Presentation by Michelle Moshay, 'Pass It On' by Peter Teekamp In Memory of Dan Fogelberg For Dan, Too Late When I was young, I ran on tracks and grappled well on wrestling mats, played for glory, Friday nights on Autumn football fields. Machismo was my mentor in the conduct of that world, sporting ways were boundaries around my thoughts, back then. One day I would finally hear that gentle voice, the lyric lines, those rich and mellow melodies so perfectly composed. He phrased the feelings I had known, sang the words I wished I’d thought so many times when I felt lost, enthrallment was complete. Growing needs to write were born in places I had hidden from. Words and lines in ragged form fought to break an inner shell. I found my real desire, then, to learn and be a poet. Throughout my life, his music has soothed my isolated fears, mirrored my emotions back, planted seeds of poetry. Now, when he has passed away I grieve for what he never heard: “Thank you for the music, Dan, for helping me to find my dreams.” In grief and joyous memory of Dan Fogelberg 1951 – 2007 Distributed by Tubemogul.