"War Is My Destiny"- Ill Bill (official video)

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The official video for Ill Bill's "War Is My Destiny"


badass song! Luve it !
By Umut Yildirim 4 years ago
And so the son whose parents are slain by his fellow man in the Hell known as War grows to become a representative of war himself. He slays those responsible for the death of his family, ignorant to the fact that they too had a son, who, after witnessing the death of his loved ones by a man that lost his in a way of the same, shall seek the same vengeance against his parents' killer, allowing the perpetual cycle of violence, hatred, anguish and extermination to continue in the hearts and minds of another generation.

He who rides the Pale Horse, the one known as Death, the final and Fourth wicked beast the Fallen One unleashes upon mankind, is the most feared, certainly; however, it is I, the Third Horseman of War, who allows the corrupted souls of men to corrupt other souls in turn, continuing an endless Hell on Earth that will continue to claim millions of lives to come. I am War, and War is Hell; therefore, I am Hell itself, and Death and the Fallen One follow in MY wake.
By TheThirdHorseman 5 years ago
The animation and the music was awesome...Too bad a lot of new rap doesn't sound as good as that. Some of that sampling sounds like it came from Van Helsing.
By monkeybash3000 5 years ago
By Jonathan Heuschen 5 years ago