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    Breaking Ice in Kashmir’s Wetlands Helps Migratory Birds


    by NTDTelevision

    Hokersar Wetlands in the Indian Kashmir Valley are a winter habitat for hundreds of thousands of these migratory birds.

    But the frozen wetlands make it difficult for the birds to find food.

    Wild life authorities have initiated a drive to break the ice in the frozen wetlands to provide feeding points for the birds.

    [Gulam Ahmed Lone, Wildlife Warden, Hokersar]:
    “The birds experience great difficulty in feeding when the wetlands are frozen because their area of feeding decreases. We arrange artificial food for them and we break ice over the wetlands so that the migratory birds can feed properly."

    The birds come primarily from Siberia, Afghanistan, China, Central Asia and North Europe.

    Migratory birds like the Bar Headed Geese, Ducks, Waterfowls, Grey Heron, Little Grebe, Common Snipe and the Raj Hans arrive in the Kashmir Valley in October and remain till March.