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    15 hours in total Darkness in an army torture camp

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    Jahangir Alam Akash

    von Jahangir Alam Akash

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    Only for my professional activities I have obtained huge enemies from different sectors such as Army, RAB, Islamic militancy, some political influential. So, I was illegally arrested, tortured and detained for 28 days by army-RAB in 2007. They wanted to kill me. But, helped by the nationally and internationally (especially for the helped of Asian Human Rights Commission, Amnesty International, CPJ, RSF, IFJ, IPI, IEFX, GHRD, BRCT, BFUJ, CDA, etc.) I have got my second life. RAB was tortured in front of my child, wife, and rental house owner. They gave me electric shocked, hung me with the ceiling, they blind folded me. They have implicated me with several false, fabricated and political motivated charges. Still at least two false and political motivated cases have been running in the court. I have been living in exile for life.