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A short film about a boy who wishes for better things.


what do you mean what does this mean? he kills himself. you couldnt tell? when he lands on the moon hes dead. hes leaving earth. thats why his cut vanishes. pretty straightforward i would think
By 10cpr10 4 years ago
:]) really jazzy
By 6SexyMouse73 4 years ago
Very nicely done, great to watch. There are many interesting films on this site, but this one was one of the most enjoyable. Lots of fun stuff on the TV screen ;)
By billysparks 5 years ago
Pretty weird.. Though the animation looks good to me)
By Sarah 5 years ago
DailyMotion, your site simply sucks. I mean, the site runs like an amatuer piece of shit. Every other video on a playlist has to be manually reloaded, or just wont load up at all. My suggestion for your sloppy, piece of garbage site is just to tear it down. Playlists kick the video out of fullscreen? What a fucking joke your website is. Just made this account to say that. Please go to hell DailyMotion, or take your shit site down. PS, this video is lame and horribly gay.
By DailyMotionSucks01 5 years ago
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