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    Legendary Anime Music XVI: DBZ - Giri Giri Sekaikyokugen


    by EternalMessiah

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    While I'm not into Dragon Ball Z anymore, I do fancy the music. Mostly from the Japanese original. This awesome high energy tune comes from the seventh entry in the movie line up - Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13.

    This short movie is about three leftover Androids by Dr. Gero we never knew about. Man, they'll come up with anything to make a movie. But I prefer watching the Dragon Ball Z films over the Pokemon ones. Now that's a series that doesn't know when to stop making movies....

    It's an entertaining little feature, mostly when Goku is in action. He's a fighting genius. But it's not very memorable and doesn't hold a candle to a superior DBZ movie in "World's Strongest", but it should satisfy the fans. ^_^ Enjoy!

    Giri Giri Sekaikyokugen is sung by Hironobu Kageyama, YUKA.