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    Legendary Anime Music XV: Galaxy Angel - Horoscope Rhapsody


    by EternalMessiah

    Ah, Galaxy Angel. A clever and random series that can entertain the entire reaches of space. The series is about a team of women who call themselves "The Angel Brigade" (I prefer this title, since the dub is rather good. Surprising, no?). Together they do various missions for the government called the "Lost Technology". Just about anything invented/used/whatnot before their time that's scattered across space counts.But along they way, they get into these wild and crazy adventures.

    What you're listening to is the ending theme to the first season of Galaxy Angel called "Rhapsody Horoscope". Sung by Sawashiro Miyuki & Kanai Mika, who play Mint and Vanilla in the series. Now, most fans might be wondering why I didn't put up the theme song "Galaxy Bang! Bang!". Well, I will add "Bang! Bang!" sometime in the near future when you least expect it. But I chose "Rhapsody Horoscope" first since it's catchier and I love the beat.