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    United Kingdom Talk Video Thursday 14th January 2010

    Chris Reardon

    by Chris Reardon

    Thursday's edition of my three times a week talk show.Watch or listen to the show on Tues, Thurs & Sats here at WWW.UNITEDKINGDOMTALK.CO.UK

    In today's show :

    The last show for 3 weeks.
    Marsha's comprehensive email.
    The gilr turned on her boyfriend.
    Thw smile that never fades.
    Going in the back entrance.
    A man hiding in the shadows.
    Bouncing back assertively.
    Welcome Guy who loves Australia.
    Sad, lonely, pathetic people.
    Waiting for me behind a tree.
    Well done to the salesman in Lakes in Bracknell.
    Walking backwards.
    Welcome Jennifer.
    Some people can never satisfy their humger for more profit.
    A big telly.
    Leave the front door open.
    A nasty attitude from the operator at 911.
    The young girls are the worst aggresive complainers.
    Rotten fruit & veg in Aldi.
    Watch out for Aligators in Florida.