Sidewalk Funday School 07 PT01


by myhwn

Sidewalk Funday School is a non-profit Christian organization providing services to the Public and assisted housing residents of Jacksonville, FL Our goal is to include the use of spiritual enrichment to the children and families of average, above average, and below poverty levels. Sidewalk Funday School is called to reach as many children as possible. The goals are to use biblical principles throughout the concept of Funday School, and to teach them a better way to live. We also want to establish personal relationships with the children, their parents, and the residence in which they live. We want to be able to teach and show them the love of God before they turn to drugs, crime, gangs or a promiscuous lifestyle. We do this by establishing activities and games that appeal to the children, and praise and worship through songs. It is our hope and prayer that the results will impact their community by creating positive peer pressure for everyone. Visit