This is why John Frusciante left the band(real reason)

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FUCK YOU VERY MUCH! you don't even wanted to know the fuckin story of the red hot chili peppers, before start to talking shit! you just start talking shit, and don't give a fuck for it! result: you ONLY spoke shit, and WRONG shit. YES, ANTHONY VISITED JOHN, he heard from flea that frusciante was at rehab, anthony went there, and he also bought a guitar for him (frusciante sold all his guitars to buy drugs), and asked him to return to the band! then, he returned. and in 2009 he left it again. NOT because he was treated like a dog or like a toy boy, or whatever, but because sometimes, people just want to do what they want to do. Frusciante wanted to do his things, like he used to do b4 too.. frusciante, anthony and flea are friends, they are inseperable, everyone know this. they always say it. BEFORE TALKING SHIT, YOU NEED TO KNOW THE THINGS..
Par lizzieoakenfold Il y a 4 ans
whoever made this video is an idiot for thinking that all was true. john left in 92 because he didnt want to be in a big band, it was in bad blood and john did get very into drugs but he still was making music. when he got cleaned back up in 98 he came back because he wanted to make beautiful music and for people to hear it. john left in good standings this time for a real reason. he said that he can no longer learn anymore form being in a big band. if you listen to his album the empryean you will understand why he had to leave. he has already made an album withomar rodriguez lopez and they posted it online for whatr ever you wanted to pay for it. you counld put Zero and get it or make a real donation, they just want the music in the world for people. watch this and listen to every word flea and anthony say and let the idiot who made this video know how stupid he looks
Par rhcp820 Il y a 4 ans