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    par fighter4true

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    Klau hm
    05:28 -> it's a Skorpion symbol -.-" i know that because i'm Skorpion ...
    Par Klau hmL'année dernière
    Not sure how I stumbled on to this video but just wanna throw a few things out there. Enjoyed the music. Was wondering if you had considered a couple of possibilities tho? For example, the post success tatoos are intricate and expensive high-end work. Another is that Aleistar Crowley WAS a well known Satanist but as far as I know, his physical stay here on earth has concluded for some time now. Another thing to ponder: the astrological symbol pendent worn by Kiedis is for Scorpio (the M w/arrow tail) not Virgo (M with crossed tail). My guess is that Kiedis was born either the last week of October or the first 3 weeks of November, which would make him a Scorpio. That actually should scare you more becuz Scorpios are rumored to be scarier than Virgos! lol I should know, I am one, ha ha. I'm not suggesting Kiedis is a sweetie, as non-celebrity, my impression is that he may have a EGO and not much respect for "the little people". But that doesnt make him a Satanist.
    Par whatever3367Il y a 4 ans
    wtf?does it matter?!Idon´t think so.THEY ARE THE BEST with the devil or without him!!
    Par ayecIl y a 5 ans
    Hey fighter4true!
    When they won a grammy, the Red hot chilli peppers said "thanks to satan"
    is good to know that there's people like you and me that try to exposed illuminati bands that sadly are by everywhere :(

    I'm doing a video about paramore and I will upload on youtube...
    I'm sad casue there's a million of artists that are on the "dark side", and somebody have to exposed them...
    see ya later... good vid!
    Par EvanConellyNovacekIl y a 6 ans