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    Header Tags Optimization - Organic Search Engine


    by seocc

    Header tags. Header tags are very high up on the hierarchy on what search engines are looking for when they actually go to your site. They are going to start at your Meta Tags to understand about your page.

    So you have up here, number 1, your meta tags, and it’s going to quickly lead you into number 2, which is your header tags. Now when it comes to header tag assignments, you’re going to want to make sure that your header tag is aesthetic looking and fits into the design of your website. There is many header tags that you can actually position, but I’m just going to go through the first three and you can have h1, h2 and h3. And for simplicity I’m going to use the word once again, “SEO,” so if we place SEO, then were going to actually close the command, h1.