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    Blog Syndication - Organic Search Engine Optimization


    by seocc

    An offsite search engine optimization technique is “blog syndication.” What you are going to do is place your content information on various blogs out on the web.

    Your blogs feed into different feeds, such as real simple syndication or RSS feeds, and also directly into certain search engines. Some of the common blogs that you’ll find out there that are more popular are going to be WordPress, Blogger and TypePad, to name a few.

    There are many blog areas to place your content and information. But there really is not much harm in placing your content on all three, WordPress, Blogger and TypePad, because once again, all this content is feeding different sources on the web.

    So when it comes to publishing a blog, if you are able to, place it on multiple blog syndications, so it goes and gets syndicated out to the world and the world can find your relevant content on your offsite blogs. This is a relevant area to place information for effective off-site search engine optimization.