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    Iron Butterfly In-a-Gadda-da-Vida - long original color full


    by 1236bigcat

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    Description? I can't describe a butterfly here ... you'd better see it.
    I hope it’s good for your daily e-motion. All 17 minutes ...
    Vive la Liberté ! (Long live Freedom!)
    Written by Doug Ingle: Organ, vocals,
    Erik Brann: Guitars,
    Lee Dorman: Bass,
    Ron Bushy: Percussion.

    The Butterfly gained success by opening for the Doors and Jefferson Airplane. Ingle's father was a church organist.In 1968, Iron Butterfly released the monumental LP, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, featuring a 17- minute, side-long track. 'Vida outsold every record in the history of recorded music within the first year and therefore outgrew and outsold the standard "Gold Album" award. They were awarded: The Industry's 1st "Platinum Album". It's 4x Platinum today.

    The band had been booked to play at Woodstock but according to Ron Bushy, "We went down to the Port Authority 3x and waited for the helicopter, but it never showed up."~wiki

    NOTE: WMG owns rights here. Upon request, I'll stop this video at once.