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URL Optimization - This is a part of Organic Search engine Optimization. I am going to show you how to assign a name to the file of an individual page within your website.

Now I am going to use our website www.seo.cc as our example and what I am actually going to talking about is a page specific to Sponsored Search Marketing. For example if my URL is www.seo.cc and the name of my page is currently sponsored.html and this page is actually speaking about Sponsored Search Marketing. I am going to want to assign a more descriptive name to the page itself. So, once again I am going to take the www.seo.cc, and place it right here and then we are going to place a forward slash, sponsored-search-marketing and once again we are going to hyphen this out so that the search engine reads it as spaces and can actually read what this page is about before actually going to the page.