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    Demon's Souls playthrough with A1R5N1P3R part 8


    by A1R5N1P3R

    Demon's Souls is a Third Person View Fantasy // RPG made by developer JAPANstudio // FromSoftware // Atlus // Havoc exclusively for the Sony Playstation3. A1R5N1P3R, while playing Demon's Souls on A1R5N1P3R's Sony Playstation3, filmed this gameplay footage off of A1R5N1P3R's Toshiba 37" HD LCD TV, using A1R5N1P3R's Sony HDR-XR100 Handycam.

    Limited rights reserved, this video was created by A1R5N1P3R, and as such may not be copied or displayed without A1R5N1P3R's permission. Playermade moments, though existing in the confines of a product, belong - in a limited manor - to the creator of those moments.