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    Thai H1N1 Vaccination Program Begins


    by NTDTelevision

    Thailand started its H1N1 vaccination program on Monday, targeting high-risk groups such as medical staff, pregnant women and people weighing over 100 kilograms.

    Around 8.5 million people in Thailand have been infected with the H1N1 virus, which has killed 192 people, but health officials say the program will help curb the number of fatalities.

    [Paijit Warachit, Thai Health Permanent Secretary]:
    "We expect to reduce the number of deaths. As we monitor the pandemic, we can see that the people who died are from risk groups. If we can give vaccines to people in the risk groups, then we will be able to control the H1N1 pandemic in the country for sure."

    Two million swine flu vaccines were imported from France, and were dispatched to hospitals across the country, to treat the country's 1.96 million high-risk people.

    One woman who was given the vaccine said it will make a huge difference.

    [Boonya Klaew-Orm, Vaccination Recipient]:
    "I am afraid (of H1N1 flu) if I don't have any vaccine. When I went to shopping malls, I always use alcohol hands gel to clean my hands and also use it at home."

    Thailand has produced its own nasal spray vaccine which could be ready for use by March, depending on whether or not trials are successful.