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    WWII Ship Wreck Found


    by NTDTelevision

    A team of shipwreck experts say they've found wreckage of an Australian hospital ship identified as the Centaur, which sank during World War Two off the coast of Queensland.

    A Japanese submarine torpedoed the Centaur in 1943, killing 268 men and women on board.

    The wreckage was located last month, but a camera was only sent down to capture images of the wreckage on Sunday.

    [David Mearns, Shipwreck Hunter]:
    "There is absolutely no doubt that this is the Centaur. We found a number of absolutely identifying features which are virtual finger prints of the ship."

    The Japanese Imperial Army carried out several attacks on Australian soil during WWII, including an air bombardment of the city of Darwin in the country's north.