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    26 views | The Clean Start Spokane WA The Clean Start Spokane WA | The Clean Start Spokane WA (800) 555-1212. Are you looking for a company to start cleaning of your facility in the Spokane WA area? Would you like to start having your bills consolidated to a single one that covers all your cleaning and maintenance needs? Then call us today! is a cleaning company in Spokane WA that strongly focuses on three things for our cleaning clientele: communication, technology and quality control. No cleaning job starts without personal call or visit from us to our customers in Spokane. At Communication is so vital that we are available 24/7 for any cleaning questions or concerns for those existing cleaning clients or potential customers who need to reach us. We are constantly researching new cleaning trends, and time saving practices, so you can start saving money today as we are able to bring down cleaning costs for our customers with the new technology we bring on here at Quality Control starts with continuous evaluations to ensure the highest quality of cleaning consistently. We know that to compete with the growing number of cleaning companies in the Spokane WA area customer satisfaction and loyalty is of the utmost importance. We strongly encourage customer feedback on cleaning jobs and we have also started “Black light Blue” inspections just another way to ensure our cleaners top quality on every cleaning job we do. Call (800) 555-1212 or visit has satisfied customers for the numerous cleaning services we offer that include: Janitorial Services, Floor Care Services, Commercial Cleaning, Residential Maid Service, Snow Plowing, Air Duct Cleaning that can start as daily maintenance or periodic cleaning. Also don't forget to ask about any number of our additional services: carpet cleaning, office furniture cleaning and drapery cleaning, upholstery cleaning, ...