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    john williams

    by john williams

    What appears here is a visual interpretation of a an audio tape which has not been edited or altered in any way.
    I was working as a freelance writer when I was commissioned by a magazine to interview a former Hell's Angel. He had been jailed for knifing a man in a fight and during the interview he talked of a series of terrifying experiences he had, while sharing a cell with a satanist.
    Through this he had 'found God' and became a church minister. The interview lasts approximately 45 minutes but at the point he reached for a bible and began to talk out his conversion to God there was a glitch with the tape which only became apparent on 'rewind'.
    The audio from that point - beyond 15 minutes into the tape - contains only the sounds in this clip. But the resulting extended soundscape - which may be from a simple but unexplained distortion of the ongoing conversation is dramatic and odd in its range and sibilance.
    The tape recorder - a Pearlcorder I used every day - has never let me down before or since and the tape on examination is still recordable. I draw no conclusions but present this as it is a commentary on the real - a 'performance piece' containing abstract images created digitally by the sounds themselves.