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    New Voice Broadcast to the Iranian People


    by NTDTelevision

    From this small room located in the middle of a shopping center near Tel Aviv, a group of Jews born in Iran run an Internet-based Persian language radio station named Radisin.

    The radio station is made up of about 25 volunteers.

    Its goal is to create a better connection between Iranians and Israelis.

    Parviz Barkhodra was born in Iran, but has lived in the U.S. most of his life, working for high tech companies. Now he works as the manager at the radio station, and also as a teacher of English, Hebrew and Persian languages.

    [Parviz Barkhodra, Manager, Radisin]:
    "We are trying, to show, improve and transmit our rich Persian language in Israel and at the same time all around the world. And our main goal is to unify all the Persians around the world."

    Iranian authorities aren’t thrilled that Radisin is reaching its citizens’ ears.

    [Parviz Barkhodra, Manager, Radisin]:
    "We know that we are heard very well in Iran, we know this through the feedback that we get from the citizens of Iran."

    Barouch Davidi, who was born in Iran and immigrated to Israel 25 years ago, is the station's news director.

    [Barouch Davidi, News Director, Radisin]:
    "Six to seven months after the unsuccessful elections in Iran, we see that the protest isn't going down but going up and up. We think that the second Iranian revolution has begun and the people want a change in Iran. It's nothing to do against the wish of a nation… We see that the protest is getting huge dimensions now."

    Radisin’s manager has a wish for the New Year.

    [Parviz Barkhodra, Manager, Radisin]:
    "We wish that the people of Iran will join us, will join the freedom as we have it in Israel and like many other nations around the world and we are hoping that during this coming new year - 2010, we will reach that together."

    NTD, Holon, Israel.