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    Angola: Attack on Togo Soccer Team


    by NTDTelevision

    It's unclear whether the traumatised Togolese soccer team will take part in
    the African Nations Cup.

    The team bus was raked with gunfire as it drove through Angola on

    Three people died and seven were wounded in the attack.

    Togo are due to play Ghana on Monday.

    Squad member Alaixys Romao told a French newspaper his team-mates want to

    He said the team would not "flee like cowards".

    The Togolese government says otherwise.

    [Pascal Bodjona, Togolese Government Spokesman]:
    "We would like to say that the Togolese government has decided to
    call back the team. We are not going to take part, we are not going to
    continue the African Nations Cup in these dramatic circumstances. This was
    necessary because our players are in a state of shock."

    The ambush by separatist rebels has overshadowed Africa's premier sporting

    Two members of Togo's soccer delegation died.

    Reserve goalkeeper Kodjovi Obilale was evacuated to Johannesburg for

    The incident has raised questions about security for this summer's World
    Cup in South Africa.

    Event organisers have dismissed any comparisons.

    It's the first time an African nation will hold the world's biggest
    single-sport event.