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    London's New Trend of Artist Led Exhibitions


    by NTDTelevision

    'Bricks' is the latest in a growing trend of artist-led exhibitions in London. Two students have brought together, young, emerging graduates and well-known artists to exhibit side by side.

    As part of this venture, the two curators invited their teacher to exhibit.

    [Lucy Gunning, Exhibiting Artist]:
    “You know, it was really great opportunity, I think, to have staff and students exhibiting together.”

    The building played an important part in inspiring and shaping the artists work.

    [Jack Burton, Co-curator of 'Bricks']:
    “We like to approach spaces that have a real strong identity and a kind of real strong presence, like the space here; it's a very big, open, raw industrial space, which of course effects the way we look at the art, in that (you know) its not a kind of simple white cube gallery; that's what we're trying to avoid.”

    The evening wasn't just about the artists and their work, but about bringing people together.

    [Clive Rowat, Exhibiting Artist]:
    “I was quite interested in the temperature of the space, so I wanted to provide warmth and intimacy.”

    [Stephanie Dickinson, Visitor]:
    “I like this piece because it makes me feel warm in a place that is so cold. It corresponds to exactly what needs I have within this exhibition.”

    Bricks is held in Area 10, an unfunded, independent artist-led space. It provides cultural activities to the local community and supports artist-led projects.