How will humans conquer space? | Tomorrow Today

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What is the future of space travel? Experts like German astronaut Thomas Reiter are certain that in the coming decades,it will be possible to take short tourist trips to the edge of space to experience weightlessness.
At the moment,the cost of such a trip is astronomical,but by mid-century,they are expected to become affordable for many. In two,or perhaps three decades,some say the first bases will be set up on the moon. But proponents of these plans say that will only be possible if the major space-traveling countries join forces. Scientists already know there are enough natural resources present on the moon to support a base there. Yet Reiter estimates that it will take at least three decades until the first human sets foot on Mars.
Our guest on Tomorrow-Today will also talk about space:
Professor Hanns-Christian Gunga,Institute of Space Medicine,Free University,Berlin

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Hello my friends, Governments have not told the population of Earth about the extraterrestrial population within our own solar system. How do you plan these trips for the realization of solar system extraterrestrials? Are you going to tell them they are shadows, clouds, balloons or imagination.
This really sounds much like fantasy rather than real plans, although it is possible. At least the elite rich can afford a trip in to our amospheric region should the flights happen in a small scale.
Dave Stacey, aka doowop62

PS: There is much you have not been told about by our governing world wide forces.
Von Doowop62 Vor 4 Jahren