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    Jesus Christ crucified or Barabbas who is freed


    by ExploreTheTruth


    from the TNIV Bible NT it appears that Barabbas's first name was Jesus. Barabbas means "Son of the Father" - Source Wikepedia. so when the bible says barabbas was set free by pontious Pilate then it effectively means that the son of the father was set free - meaning our Jesus. any case the other man (Barabbas) was arrested in an uprising in which a murder was committed, therefore, no question of releasing him. more over according to mathew pilate found jesus to be innocent also his wife had a dream. he was bent upon releasing Jesus (Messiah). Pilate would be foolish and fall in the eyes of Ceaser if he released Barabbas to please the crowd. Moreover, the mocking term "King of the Jews" was beffitting Barabbas as he failed in the uprising.