Giantess Digestion

Mark Lee
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Everyone, show I made animation Giantess Digestion only vore POV. She swallowing little guy, inside her stomach digest and end good bye little guy. Thanks comments


love the video, especially the last bit when she contemptuously shits his remains out, Would have liked some female passers by the comment on how much the poo smelt!!!!!!
By vorescatboy 2 years ago
This might be weird, but... I would like to be that guy!!!
By Mr_XI 3 years ago
Pretty good! I love your giantess videos! But may I suggest you may want to use a more realistic animation of what it's like to go down a throat and what it looks like inside a human stomach? There's plenty of educational videos that are very accurate and show real images of going down a throat and inside a stomach.
By hungryguystories 4 years ago
SDalimotion, you are very wrong about that.

1. You don't know every person that exists.
2. Nothing ever applies for everyone.
3. 1 out of 3 percent of people like that.
By VeryWiseMan 4 years ago
that was awesome this one is my favorite
By anthar94 4 years ago
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