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Clocking Out - Trailer #1

8 years ago40 views

The year is 1984. Jenkins has just landed a security job with Vermitech Corporation, a clandestine multi-national conglomerate. The company is currently running a medical trial, with large numbers of homeless people taking part. Jenkins' assignment: to guard a door hidden deep within Vermitechs headquarters, under strict orders not to let anyone in, or out! One day however, blood curdling screams echo from behind the door, and Jenkins decides to investigate, violating his orders. Within, he is horrified to discover the shocking nature of the companies medical trails: to abduct people from the present and take them through time itself, for a terrifying purpose. Having seen too much, Jenkins himself is blasted forward to the dystopian future of...1997! Thus begins a surreal and disturbing adventure where anything and everything is possible. Will Jenkins escape? And when will he escape to?

Produced by Slipspace Media