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    Dense Fog Engulfs Northern India


    by NTDTelevision

    Dense fog covered part of northern India on Thursday morning. Flight schedules were delayed or cancelled at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, and passengers were unhappy.

    [S. K. Sharma, Stranded Passenger]:
    "The schedule was 6:10am. Now they are showing 8:00 again, they are showing delay. But they have not mentioned the time of the departure."

    What added to the passengers' plight was the lack of information about their flight status at airports.

    [Ghanshyam Das, Stranded Passenger]:
    "Our flight was at 6:10 am and last night I received a message from the airlines saying that it has been delayed till 8:00, but now we do not know what time our flight is going to take off."

    The foggy conditions affected train services and slowed road traffic.

    Most parts of northern India are experiencing chilly days amid foggy conditions.

    The Indian Meteorological Department blamed the prevailing weather conditions on western disturbances that caused snowfall in the hill states.