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    The Dust Bunnies Cartoon series


    by keplersfilms

    The Dust Bunnies is an animated preschool show. Each half-hour episode promotes teamwork, problem solving and innovation. When the lights go out in a big department store speckles of dust transform into Dust Bunnies and leap into the adventures of discovery. Learning how a collaboration of efforts keep machinery together such as bolts in a lawn mower or How the joint effort of chain links of a chain can accomplish incredible feats of strength. Guided by the enchanted world of a department store, each episode explodes into adventure after adventure fueled by sing along problem solving. The Dust Bunnies show is driven by music and visual stimulating colors, enhancing the experience of the viewers while keeping their attention so that they can soak up the underlining message. Because of the short attention span of a preschool child the Dust Bunnies are structured in eleven-minute segments.