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    Guinea Interim Leader Promises to Bring Stability


    by NTDTelevision

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    It’s been more than a month since Guinea’s military leader was hospitalized after a failed assassination attempt. While he’s recovering, acting military leader General Sekouba Konate [say-koo-BAH koh-NAH-tay] has promised to bring elections and civilian rule to the country.

    Guinea's deputy junta chief, Sekouba Konate, pledged on Wednesday to bring civilian rule and announced that military leader Moussa Dadis Camara would need time to recover after an assassination bid.

    [Sekouba Konate, Guinea's Deputy Junta Chief]: (Male, French)
    "…his life is not in danger but it will need time and patience, and medical attention for some time for him to recover fully."

    Konate’s statement indicated that Camara's political future was in doubt after a December 3rd gun attack.

    Konate also held talks with U.S. and French diplomats who urged him to allow a return to civilian rule in Camara's absence.

    [Sekouba Konate, Guinea's Deputy Junta Chief]: (Male, French)
    "…we need to act to restore peace and the unity of all Guineans, and to put our state and political system on a new foundation."

    Konate said he expected a transitional government to choose a new election date after a poll - initially set for this month – was delayed by the crisis.

    He promised to accept a prime minister drawn from the opposition as part of a national unity government.

    Camara has not been seen in public for over a month since he was treated in Morocco following the December 3rd assassination attempt by an ex-aide.

    Camara and his junta allies became the subject of international outrage and sanctions after security forces killed more than 150 people and raped scores of women protesting in a Conakry stadium on September of last year.