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    Adult Film Star Sasha Grey for PETA


    by PETATV

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    I am all for proper treatment of animals lets just put that out there right now. I would like to know why does PETA constantly change its views on certain things such as when the group leader says total animal liberation or something along those lines when she is talking about no pets because we shouldn't "own" them, yet here the spokesperson is talking about how its important to spay or neuter your pets and how she has always had a pet growing up..hmm can you say peta is the dumbest most useless organization? Cuz I know I sure can. Dear PETA, and ALF which we all know you are associated with each other no matter how much you deny it get a life do something useful and help the poor starving children of other countries, cuz I know my excess milk and meat goes to them plus i protect the animals on my farm lets see I help animals and people; Im doing more good then all the people in the groups combined
    By brad6 years ago