Teens Make Offensive T-Shirt: Should It Be Banned?

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by The Young Turks

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Listen, you pseudo "reporters", Dearborn HIgh School is in Dearborn, Michigan. Dearborn, MI is a suburb of Detroit, therefore I guess you will understand when I tell you, it is NOT located in Detroit. I can deal with you pretending to be reporters, but please do the research and get your FACTS STRAIGHT. Don't pretend to know something about which you have no knowledge. It takes a lot of nerve to call someone else a "dumb ass". Do your research!!!!! We have enough reporters out there pretending that they have a clue. Off topic, Dearborn has a HISTORY of being a lily-white, literally closed community; and has only in recent years shown any indication of relaxing its covert restrictions on residency.
By newbieone 5 years ago