Rex Murphy on Canadian Politics

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In this video, chats with Murphy about Canada’s politics, and whether Canadians are justified in their ennui.


Well spoken.. why doesn't he try to step up and lead. He already inspired me in this little bit. Thanks for the clarity Rex.
By Jean-Luc Lamoureux 4 years ago
Rex is right on the mark and, as always, he eloquently and honestly states his case. I do wish that he would run politically but that would ,of course, be cruel and unusual punishment for this man.
We need a leader that can create a vision for Canada, unify the country in spirit and purpose. We need someone who will encourage trade between provinces....we have North-South free trade but we really do not have East-West free trade.
We need someone who can create an image of Canada to the world that reflects our ideas and principles as these are indeed unique in the world.
Thank you Rex for the words that need to be said, the thoughts that need to be aired and the strength that you have to always stand up and speak out!!!!
I say long live the Rex......and he's the King in my books!!!!
By rguppy 4 years ago
So true true. There is not an iota of difference between the current candidates. So sad...where are you Pierre?
By iggywitit 4 years ago